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Level Three Art History

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2014 course matrix


External Standards

Standard number

Titile and common number

Credit total


(3.1) Demonstrate understanding of style in art works



(3.2) Examine how meanings are communicated through art works



(3.3) Examine the relationship(s) between art and context .


Internal Standards


(3.4) Examine the impact of media and processes on art works



(3.5) Construct an argument based on interpretation of research in art history



(3.8) Achievement Standard Art History : Analyse texts about art



24 credits





Important words in the External Standards



   3.1-     91482   



means the things that works of art, movements or periods have in common. So you can call something "Cubist" or "Expressionist" because they look similar; they use similar techniques; they say similar things.





(you will see this in 3.3). It means the personal, social, historical, cultural,  geographical, environmental, economic, political, religious, artistic, gender, class, philosophical circumstances in which artisits work. In this standard, it applies to the work





   3.2-     91483   


"Art works" 

may include: paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, prints, collages, architecture, handcrafted objects, film, animation, photographs, digital images, whakairo, kōwhaiwhai, tukutuku, tapa cloth.




The ideas, messages, and/or themes conveyed through the features of art works.  Features may include: technical devices, formal elements, subject matter, iconographic motifs, symbols, emblems, and action or performance elements.




means the study of images, symbols, signs, emblems that convey meaning.




   3.3-     91484   



may refer to broad art movements, periods, styles, artists, or art works.




 The circumstances within which art is created, eg personal, social, historical, cultural, geographical, environmental, economic, political, religious, artistic, gender, philosophical.




Relationships between art and context may include the ways that art reflects, reacts against, is stimulated by, is shaped by, and/or affects the context in which it is created.






Also see the following


  1. http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/qualifications-standards/qualifications/ncea/subjects/visual-arts/visual-arts-glossary/        
  2.  the meaning of Style in analyzing artworks
  3.    art history- Some definitions





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