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Abstract Expressionist Barnett Newman

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  • Colour (Color)  Field artists: Follow the link below (thanks Lua) for good commentary on the meanings and religious background to Barnett Newman's work. He was a Jewish artist and so believed in the God of the Old Testamentn ("Oneness"- see Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: this is called the "Shama Israel" in the Jewish Faith.)



  • Lee Krasner: American Psychic Automatist


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Comments (5)

Lua said

at 1:11 pm on Aug 31, 2009

I found a really good site reffering to the german expressionist woodcuts


R Melles said

at 7:27 pm on Aug 31, 2009

Yes I have looked and it is good. You get the coloured areas with the black frame in a woodcut and also the areas of white between colour areas.

Lua said

at 7:20 pm on Sep 1, 2009

SO in a sense you can call it a stencil?

R Melles said

at 12:48 pm on Sep 8, 2009

That is a good point, the effect is that there is a colour plain and then there is a black "stensil" pattern over this.

Nagesh said

at 1:08 pm on Sep 8, 2009


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