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ModAm "From the Heartland" Exhibition Duane Hanson

Page history last edited by R Melles 10 years, 7 months ago


Duane Hanson is a good example of the fusion of "Pop" and realism in American art.


He synthesises the common (c.f the "Ashcan"artists) subject,  with  a slavishly realistic approach to the subject (c.f Warhol's celebrities). A great discussion of this is to be found on the following:


This is a discussion by a Gallery that features his work, discusses his techniques (good for 3.1 "Style") and also talks about him in a social/artistic context (3.6 "Context").


An explanation of the term "heartland"- this means the very centre of a country or more specifically, culture. That is something that represents the very best examples (epitome) of that culture.


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