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Cubist Iconography

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 Three Icons of the Cubists  

       Focus-External Question 3.2      


Women (often nude)

     - source Neo-Classical art, originally the Renaissance

     - example Demoiselles De'Avignon 1907 (Picasso) , Gran Nu 1908 (Braque)

     - meanings: sensuality, feminine beauty, ideal beauty, old culture, low society (demoiselles=prostitutes)




Landscapes (sometimes the local landscape sometimes Paris)

     - source French Eighteenth Century Landscape paintings (Cezanne and Post-Impressionists)

     - examples Houses at L'Estaque 1908 (Braque), Nudes in a Forest (Leger- note this combines the iconography of the Nude above)

     - meanings: Natural environment, the country= peace and the power of nature ( an 18th Century Romantic idea), reference to Cezanne  




Technology   (often the portrayal of objects of technology)

      - source technological advances of the late 18th Century in France

     - examples the Eiffel Tower series- R Delaunay, the printed material in Collages of Picasso and Braque ("le Journal"), most of the work of Leger

     - meanings: French technology and power (eg "Homage to Bleriot" the first person across the English Channel by plane), the glory of Modernity and Technology 



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